Island Pacific is a global leader in retail merchandising and store operations software solutions. Its team is passionate about finding ways to strengthen your relationships with your customers and seeking opportunities for you to drive revenue from new sources.


Island Pacific started its retail technology journey in the USA in 1978 and was acquired by 3Q Holdings in 2007.   Since then it has grown to be a thought leader in retail software solutions, and has developed a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality, high-reliability software to retailers across the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


To meet an ever-more mobile and demanding consumer’s expectations, Island Pacific has developed software to help retailers ensure they have the right product range at the right time across all retail touch points. Its strong forecasting, merchandise planning, assortment planning, allocation planning, event planning, replenishment and merchandising solutions allow retailers to drive sales and profitability across all channels without compromising customer experience.


Island Pacific has built a team that is highly skilled at developing, implementing and integrating a suite of retail technology solutions and professional services. Its range of solutions includes software, hardware, IT management services, consulting and maintenance and support. As a result, Island Pacific is a leading resource for scalable, flexible and affordable solutions for retailers around the world.

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