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In retail, the moment of decision is everything. If you don’t have the right product in the right place at the right time your customers often won’t wait. And yet having too much stock on hand means you’ll be forced to mark stock down in order to sell it, reducing your margins. Making the right merchandising decisions and accurately managing your inventory across multiple channels becomes more challenging in today’s fast moving retail environment.


Island Pacific SmartPlanning is a comprehensive, yet easy to use, system for ensuring you have the tools and resources to make the right planning decisions. Island Pacific SmartPlanning is a sophisticated, intuitive and integrated support tool that helps with merchandising across all channels, from planning right through to assortment, allocation, and replenishment of stock.


Island Pacific SmartPlanning is extremely versatile retail planning software.  Modules can be used separately or as an integrated solution, depending on what best suits your needs. The software has been specifically designed to integrate with existing systems to ensure data integrity. Modules can be configured to fit with your retail planning processes, easily and without fuss. Alternate hierarchies, planning templates and performance measures can be effortlessly tailored to support your pre-season planning, your in-season re-forecasting and of course; the all-important analytics.


With over 35 years’ experience providing world class merchandising and store operations software to the retail industry, Island Pacific will partner with you to ensure the Island Pacific SmartPlanning solution is customized to work seamlessly for your merchandising planning and management needs.


Island Pacific FastPlan

Created specifically for retailers who need a best of breed planning solution delivered and implemented quickly.  Island Pacific FastPlan provides the tools to implement pre-season and in-season plans in three months.  Island Pacific FastPlan will give users a fast and accurate view of your open to buy (WSSI), it easily integrates with existing solutions.   Improved stock turn, lower inventory levels, tighter control of cash and saving time with OTB control delivers Island Pacific FastPlan users a rapid ROI.


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Island Pacific SmartPlanning includes the following modules, available separately or as an integrated solution:


Island Pacific Merchandising Planning

Island Pacific Merchandise Planning provides the tools to carry out strategic high-level pre-season and in-season plans across merchandise and channels. It drives full planning lifecycle management, strategic budget planning, cross-channel and store planning, export capabilities, integrated reporting and much more.


Island Pacific Assortment Manager

Island Pacific Assortment Manager works alongside Island Pacific Merchandising Planning to support buying within a budget framework. Assortment Manager is intuitive and flexible, and allows users to slide seamlessly from high-level assortment planning into store grading, option planning and range planning whilst also allowing the review of the ranges visually and graphically  with associated images  by collections, seasons, phasing and  any other attributes which are pertinent to the retailer.





Island Pacific Planning Allocation

Island Pacific Planning Allocation is a module that provides a working environment for defining or setting allocations.  It allows the saving of allocations for later access and updating, providing users maximum flexibility until the allocation is formalized and finalized.  It provides adaptable allocation criteria including sales performance, assortment plans and copy capabilities as well as a size profiler tool for retailers who operate in a size based environment as well as single units, distribution packs and pre-packs to ensure optimum operational efficiency.


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Island Pacific Planning Replenishment

Island Pacific Planning Replenishment capitalizes on Island Pacific’s thirty-plus years of retail experience ensuring that regardless of channel the retailer has the right stock in the right place at the right time. Manage merchandise replenishment with the Planning Replenishment’s cross-channel inventory management capabilities. You can set static stock levels of minimum, ideal and maximum stock levels by item and store; or dynamic stock levels based on minimum and maximum days of supply or replenishment calculations that react to historical trends and forward sales projections.




Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific Planning Replenishment here.


Island Pacific Planning Analytics

Get planning analysis with Island Pacific Planning Analytics. Planning Analytics can be used to analyze data across your planning, allocation and replenishment environment as well as integration to third party applications.  Planning Analytics offers an easy-to-use graphic interface and executive dashboard via which you can access a range of information.


Our Retail Planning Software Integrates Easily

Island Pacific SmartPlanning integrates easily with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and can be configured to meet the specific needs of your business and planning requirements. Alternate hierarchies, plan templates and measures can be easily tailored to support pre-season planning, in-season re-forecasting, open-to-buy and critical analytics.


Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific SmartPlanning here.


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Key benefits of Island Pacific Smart Planning:

  • Multi-channel: Manage retail merchandise planning for all channels using a single system
  • Flexible: Select the modules that best meet your needs and planning objectives
  • Save time: Reduce man-hours by eliminating manual input of data
  • Save on costs: Improve accuracy of stock and purchases.
  • Automate tasks: Automate item definition,  purchase orders, allocation  and more
  • Centralize your view: Centralized and integrated view of  budgets, reforecasts and actual data
  • Improve forecasting: Ensure smooth product launches, using accurate analytics that draw on past trends, present data and measurable KPIs
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User-friendly interface

Learn to use new modules quickly and easily with Island Pacific’s user-friendly design and dashboard interface.


Conduct strategic high-level pre-season (and in-season) plans for merchandise across all channels; retail, wholesale and e-commerce

Assortment management capabilities

Slide seamlessly from high-level planning into range planning, focusing on specific products and ranges

Allocation and replenishment capabilities

Access a range of essential tools to simplify your cross-channel allocations, making the process faster and more efficient than before . Manage stock replenishment, using dynamic calculations that can be amended based on past trends and future sales projections

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