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Island Pacific SmartStore is a collection of store-based point of sale modules available individually or as a suite. The POS software collection includes fixed point of sale, mobile point of sale, store inventory and Island Pacific SmartChain.


Island Pacific SmartStore grows as your business grows. Choose to combine fixed counter and mobile point of sales touch points so that your sales associates can assist customers and complete the sale on the spot, making for a stress free, memorable and enjoyable shopping experience. You’ll also be able to access real-time product and inventory information and customer sales histories.


Island Pacific SmartStore


Island Pacific’s point of sale solution is available as either fixed counter point of sale, mobile point of sale or a combination to suit your needs. The user-friendly software interface is the same across fixed counter and mobile, making it easy to train your store associates. The system facilitates customer data entry, returns management, gift receipts, multiple payment options, third party integration, email or printed receipts, banking, petty cash management, store reporting and more.


Shop Floor POS

Island Pacific’s POS software, SmartStore, allows your sales associates to assist customers from anywhere on the shop floor. With full product and inventory information, SmartStore allows dynamic shop floor inventory checking. Coupled with the availability of the customer’s complete sales history at the associate’s fingertips, SmartStore is a versatile shop floor POS. If a store is out of stock in the customer’s size or chosen color? No problem – your associates can still make the sale and assure the customer that the product is on the way to where they want it delivered; either to their preferred address or ready to be collected at their preferred store.


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Island Pacific SmartStore Inventory

Island Pacific SmartStore provides complete inventory management, at the store associates finger tips.  Island Pacific SmartStore Inventory allows your retail stores to close the loop on complete inventory stock management ensuring stock accuracy.  This is communicated throughout your retail operation to ensure the accuracy of your wider merchandising system. The system will also quickly and easily walk your store associates through processing the receipt of inter store transfers and warehouse deliveries and help them create transfers to your warehouse or other stores when needed. Real time inventory movement….right time, right place.

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Island Pacific SmartChain

Island Pacific SmartChain provides the ability for retailers to have centralized control of all store set-ups and parameters. You can set up store configurations from your central head office, and easily deploy the configurations to your chosen stores.


Island Pacific SmartStore Individual Applications

To provide retailers with the ultimate in flexibility, Island Pacific SmartStore is available in individual applications for store processes, which means retailers can use these applications in a mobile or fixed environment to replace or enhance existing point of sale functionality.  Learn about the feature and benefits of Island Pacific SmartStore Individual Applications here.


Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific SmartStore here.


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Key benefits  of Island Pacific SmartStore POS software:

  • Serve customers more quickly and efficiently directly from the shop floor
  • Increase sales via real-time shop floor inventory checking and on-the-spot store transfer requests
  • Centrally manage store parameters, store inventory and gift card sales and redemption.
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User-friendly interface

Learn to use new modules quickly and easily with Island Pacific’s user-friendly design and dashboard interface.


Serve customers directly from the shop floor, with real time access to product information, stock levels and sales history via mobile devices.

Secure payments

Offer customers secure access to popular payment options via a trusted interface

Endless aisle

Island Pacific SmartStore in collaboration with Island Pacific SmartChannel and SmartOmni, offers an order orchestration engine which consolidates all in-stock items from across all your stock locations to create an ‘endless aisle’ – or virtual distribution centre. You can then set automatic rules for fulfilling orders: sale rates and weekly stock forecasts, fastest shipping times, store locations or the number of days the stock has been in store. If the designated location isn’t able to fulfill the order our system will automatically reassign the order to the next best location.

Lifecycle visibility

Manage your inventory and financial data across multiple channels and multiple locations from your central head office

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