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Assortment Planning keep it simple & then evolve

Creative versus Number Crunching A regular theme in retailers globally is the presence of spreadsheets permeating across the whole organization. Assortment planning is an area which involves both the merchandising and buying team. That crucial mix of numbers and the visual / creative aspects have to...

Global Retail growth trends in 2020 and beyond

Taking a look at the latest retail trends for 2020 and beyond it is definitely true that there is a period of change which is taking place some of the key predictions include: Retailers continue to Expand internationally Retailers continue to expand internationally. *Deloitte highlights that the...

Size profiling & pack optimization the benefits of getting it right

Getting the right size of an item into the right retail store or channel is something which has been a cornerstone of merchandise inventory management. Inevitably by fine tuning this process retailers can have a huge impact on a number of factors including:   1. Happier customer,...

The art of managing inventory in a retail, Web, Wholesale & Franchise environment

Many retailers today are struggling with the challenge of managing inventory in a Multichannel environment. The art of selling is extremely simple however the art of inventory management with increasing selling channels comes with many nuances which mean that effective inventory management systems which support...

Retail Inventory Management

Why focus on retail inventory management? If you are a multichannel global retailer with stores around the world and operating in many different verticals it will be no surprise to you the key challenges which come with retail inventory management and the reasons why a system...

Digital Transformation in retail

The focus on digital transformation in retail increases The focus on digital transformation continues to increase in retail according to the world retail congress retailers are making digital transformation their highest investment priority * and with more money to spend with Gartner predicting retail tech spend...

Merchandise Planning Software Benefits

  Today’s retailers are more adept than ever before of ensuring that any new software has to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, be future proof and above all deliver a rapid Return On Investment. Many retailers today planning process have evolved by using spreadsheets. The investment is...

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