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Size profiling & pack optimization the benefits of getting it right

Getting the right size of an item into the right retail store or channel is something which has been a cornerstone of merchandise inventory management. Inevitably by fine tuning this process retailers can have a huge impact on a number of factors including:   1. Happier customer,...

Retail Inventory Management

Why focus on retail inventory management? If you are a multichannel global retailer with stores around the world and operating in many different verticals it will be no surprise to you the key challenges which come with retail inventory management and the reasons why a system...

NRF BIG Show 2019

The end of 2018 is weeks away and I’m sure many of you looking forward to the upcoming holidays here at Island Pacific we are already looking past the busy holiday period to the 2019 NRF BIG Show. It is that time of year of once...

How does the future look for brick-and-mortar retail?

How does the future look for brick-and-mortar retail?  Despite some depressing commentary from the world’s media, it is important to take into account that 66 percent of store closures come from only 16 retailers, according to IHL1. No one can deny that the consistent rise...

Is mobile POS the future to brick-and-mortar retail?

As the evolution of in-store retail continues to cater to fast paced shoppers who are not looking to waste the day standing in line for ten minutes on a transaction that will take one minute to complete. The Omni-Channel approach to sales seeks to provide...

The frights of Halloween retail haven’t kept the shoppers away

Yikes is it almost Halloween already?  For many decades the U.S have been embracing the demons and ghouls of holiday retail and it seems the U.K has awoken and is about to join the Americans in the thrills of Halloween.  Now, the U.S has long...

Introductory Blog

So it begins, the Island Pacific blog has finally arrived and we are tremendously excited to inform and create a network for discussion in the wonderful world of retail. The consistent evolution of retail has resulted in the need for retailers and retail software to...

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