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As many specialist retailers around the world prepare to start opening their doors in the wake of COVID-19.   Retailers are moving fast, focusing on business to bounce back as expeditiously and robustly as possible.  In tandem, they are focusing on which measures need to be taken to sustain

Why focus on retail data management? If you are a multichannel global retailer with stores around the world and operating in many different verticals it will be no surprise to you the key challenges which come with retail inventory management and the reasons why a system...

Getting the right size of an item into the right retail store or channel is something which has been a cornerstone of merchandise inventory management. Inevitably by fine tuning this process retailers can have a huge impact on a number of factors including: 1. Happier customer:...

Many retailers today are struggling with the challenge of managing inventory in a Multichannel environment. The art of selling is extremely simple however the art of inventory management with increasing selling channels comes with many nuances which mean that effective inventory management systems which support...

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