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How Can AI Support Speciality Retailers?

Artificial Intelligent applications are potentially powerful tools for many industries and retail in no exception. The volume of data which is now available at any retailer today typically is not in short supply. One of the key challenges which many retailers do face is the...

What Can You Expect from Island Pacific at NRF in 2020?

Smarter Solutions for Global Multichannel retailers Island Pacific SmartSuite at Booth# 4273 Relax and revive yourself with a refreshment from our onsite barista and learn how we can address your burning solution needs. Let us impress you with our functionally rich and proven solutions.  Available as a...

Six Reasons Why Retailers Choose Island Pacific

There are many reasons why retailers choose to invest in the Island Pacific solution we asked one of our recent implementations and they gave us the following 6 reasons as to why they chose the Island Pacific solution Reason 1 Product Maturity & Success Island Pacific...

Five Ways Island Pacific Can Help Your Planning Process?

Take a look at these five ways in which Island Pacific can help your planning process. Reason 1, One version of the Truth One of the key issues which many retailers face today is the fact that over time many retailers have many disparate systems across...

Supplier Collaboration the Benefits to Retailers

Rapid retail developments in both client expectations and technical capabilities has meant it is crucial for retailers to focus on using whatever tools they can find to ensure they remain competitive and are able to respond quickly to customer demands. Retailers understand that a good working...

Series Two – The Impact of Technology on Retail

Our latest blog series pulls together valuable retail statistics, with series 2 focusing on some key technological retail trends which drive and support customer purchases. What do Customers think of technology in retail? Analysis indicates that customers believe retailers do not always have the technology to deliver...

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We are all familiar with hearing the term artificial intelligence (AI) and recognize that the phrase is becoming more and more prevalent across every industry. AI is defined in the English Oxford Living Dictionary as “The theory and development of computer systems able to perform...

Unified Commerce – the next phase of Omni-Channel

The difference between Omni-Channel and Unified Commerce Omni-channel retail is typically associated with selling across multiple channels for example in-store, on the web via franchise and wholesale or via Amazon or eBay. However, these channels may not be in anyway connected. A challenge for many retailers...

Why Assortment Planning Is Important

The Assortment Plan Framework Once I’ve finished my financial planning, I know I need to bring in x thousand pounds of stock for a certain period of time, but I need to know how many lines I need to buy, what quantity I should buy of...

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