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A question we frequently hear is what is the difference between Assortment planning and Merchandise planning. In simple terms, one is the Financial view of the world. The other is translating those financial plans into a framework of the actual product range that will be sold,...

Retail Financial Planning Process The Financial planning process can start with a 5-year high level plan to set a strategy for the longer term. However, most retailers start their detailed planning 18 -24 months ahead of the planning season. The optimum, of course, is to...

Today’s retailers are more adept than ever before of ensuring that any new software has to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, be future proof and above all deliver a rapid Return On Investment. Many retailers today planning process have evolved by using spreadsheets. The investment is...

The modern shopper is now influencing the evolution of retail more than ever, things are changing at unprecedented pace and it is now down to the retailer’s ability to adapt and keep up with the constantly shifting landscape of retail. Customers now come at you from all angles...

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