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We Can Deliver a Best of Breed Open to Buy in only 3 Months

Typically implementing a Pre-season and in-season plan along with an integrated line plan and of course integrating to existing systems, would take between 6- 12months for a retailer. An Effective Retail Planning Tool At Island Pacific we are focused on delivering solutions quickly and effectively so...

Are you a Specialist Retailer Interested in Machine Learning?

If you are specialist retailer looking for an AI solution Island Pacific Forecast Manager can help Key Features & Benefits   Provides simple user interface so users can easily determine: What to forecast What period / horizon Which history to use   Lean on ‘user thought process’. Island Pacific Forecast...

Assortment planning versus merchandise planning

A question we frequently hear is what is the difference between Assortment planning and Merchandise planning. In simple terms, one is the Financial view of the world. The other is translating those financial plans into a framework of the actual product range that will be sold,...

What is an assortment planning process?

The importance of Assortment Planning We know it’s important to create an assortment plan, we merchandisers all love lists and this is really what it is, a shopping list. But how do we get there? Essentially, the basic assortment process is to group your stores to like...

A Simple but effective approach to retail planning

What Matters? There are a lot of buzz words around planning, but at the end of the day, what do we really want to know? How much are we expecting to sell? How much stock do we need to support those sales, across time and therefore...

The art of managing inventory in a retail, Web, Wholesale & Franchise environment

Many retailers today are struggling with the challenge of managing inventory in a Multichannel environment. The art of selling is extremely simple however the art of inventory management with increasing selling channels comes with many nuances which mean that effective inventory management systems which support...

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